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Window Shutter Styles

Full Height


Single, full height panels that cover the whole window. Simple, elegant style that works on any window.

Give a dramatic finish to patio doors or tall windows.

Add a horizontal divider rail to enable independent operation of louvres above and below so you can adjust the light to suit.

A flexible and popular style.




Two sets of shutters, top and bottom, which open independently of each other.

The top can be folded back to enhance natural light while the bottom half can remain closed for privacy.

Tier-on-Tier is a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is a priority.

A very versatile option.

Cafe Style


Shutters which sit partway up the window.

Height is determined by a natural break in the window frame, either by feature glass at the top or a horizontal bar as in a sliding sash window.

These shutters provide privacy at the bottom of the window where it is really required.

A popular continental style.

Solid Style


Solid Style shutters give you all the options of the other shutters but without the louvres.

Allows light to be blocked when fully closed and maximum light when open.

Traditional solid wood panels that are suited to period properties with draughty windows giving maximum insulation and privacy.

Special Shape Shutters


Almost any unusual shape window can have shutters manufactured to fit.

Measuring and planning will take extra effort and attention, which is where the Fraser Nolan experience comes in.

The end result can be a spectacular design statement.

Angled and Tapered Shutters


Angled and tapered shutters are becoming very popular.

Many new builds have interesting and unusual window shapes as part of modern design.

Customers frequently choose shutters as the best and most stylish solution to window dressing in their new homes.

French Door Cut Out


For an inward opening door, or where a lack of space would prevent a shutter folding back, we can utilise a ‘French Door Cut Out’.

This shutter is fitted to the door itself and the cut out is customised to the handle. A bespoke and practical solution for day to day use.

Tracked Shutters


Tracking is ideal for patio doors and room dividers.

The shutters can be installed as either bi-fold or bi-pass, depending on the space available.

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