Shutter Range

Window shutter range

Window shutter range

Different in each room

From vintage charm to contemporary minimalism, shutters bring elegance and style into your home.

Our collection provides the ideal solution for awkward or unusually shaped windows. Shutters can be made to perfectly fit almost any form, from arched to hexagonal, circular, triangular or more or less anything in between.

We even have a waterproof range, perfect for wet rooms.
Kitchen shutters

Shutters can present interesting and practical solution in the kitchen. 

Is the kitchen the central hub of activity in your home? 

Our kitchen shutters grace many homes in Northern Ireland, adding a little timeless elegance to the meeting place of pots and pans.
Bedroom shutters
Besides looking wonderful, there are good practical reasons for installing bedroom shutters – less noise from outside, extra snug during the colder months.

With the ability to operate louvres from the bottom up, you get privacy where it is needed, and with a mid-divider rail, you will have the advantage of the light at the top. 
Bathroom shutters

Shutters present a stylish and contemporary alternative to outdated opaque glass. Privacy is assured. 

Nothing dampens the human spirit like a cold bathroom in winter. Installing bathroom shutters will insulate the room during those frosty months as well as looking fabulous.
Sitting Room Shutters
Sitting Room

Allowing the precious sunlight to swamp your living room without the common problem of glare making television viewing difficult in the summer months. 

Living room shutters provide the perfect solution. Adjust the louvres for light and air when and where you want it, shade where you don't - complete with the Wow factor!
Bespoke Shutters
Bespoke Shape

Some windows simply can’t be dressed by curtains or blinds, so they DEMAND shutters – they’re the only option. 

Fraser Nolan can make a shutter to fit absolutely any window. You can choose the hardwood, the louvre size, paint or stained finish, and we’ll be on hand throughout the process to ensure that the end product match the shutters of your dreams.
Fantastic shutters

You will find Fraser Nolan Shutters in:
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices 
  • Residential homes
The privacy they afford is second to none, and unlike blinds they are fitted to remain securely where they are installed. 

The shutters in the photo above were installed during a refit of the restaurant in the Malmaison Hotel in Belfast

Interested in the perfect window dressing for your business?
Ask about our commercial solutions
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Colour range

The Fraser Nolan range is available in different wood types, all beautifully crafted to suit a variety of needs and budgets. 

Our Classic shutter [mdf] is available in five painted colours, whites and off whites. Perfect for creating light bright interiors. 

In our lightweight woods, there is a wide variety of beautiful stained wood colours from the palest beech to the darkest mahogany.

Choose from a range of painted finishes which have been established to tie in with the design passion for Farrow and Ball type colours. Contemporary Interior design favours these classic neutral colours. 

Shutters can also be custom matched to your colour scheme, at a small premium.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

These are priced the same way as Shutters and are available in a range of different colours, with matching tapes. There is also three different slat sizes to choose from 38mm, 50mm and 63mm. All control cords and acorns are colour co-ordinated with the slats. A cord consolidator is fitted to all blinds to assist with Child Safety.
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